Life is like a puzzle...It takes time to find the right pieces and attach them together. It's a long and tedious process but the joy of viewing the completed result makes it all worthy. Hence even if it takes years, never give up on finding the perfect piece that fits in to complete the puzzle of LIFE.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is the timing so wrong????

I feel like banging my head somewhere now!

Tomorrow is the day for me to sign the offer with OXBX and now I get a call for something I wanted. Completed the phone interview and they are going to schedule me another interview aka video conferencing this week. And I am due to join XXXX on Wednesday...:'( 

If I reject XXXX, that's the end to it..If I get the job with the other place, then all is well but what if I don't? Another round of job hunting? Hmmm

And I can't leave XXXX once I join in for at least 6 months or I'll have to pay a penalty. 

To add to my misery, I have got eye infection! I look like my cat now, with one eye smaller than the other. Even eye makeup won't conceal it and the crappy ointment ain't helping either.

To add on further to my MISERIES, someone seems not bothered to reply to any of my messages :'( It's so demoralizing.

Okay, I need to pop in some pain killers to get the headache off my brains...

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Update to My Online Diary

well it's been a long time..

Been a weird 2 weeks :) Some exciting things cropped up along the way. Went for like 15 interviews out of perhaps 20? Lolx, I was being crazy and just applied for so many vacancies via Jobstreet. Got a few offers and rejected them a well as I was waiting for better ones. I know I can survive perhaps for sometime before going dry, did save up for the rainy days in advance :).

Was banking on 3 offers, and one came in today. Pays well but JD is not exactly what I was looking for. Nevertheless, maybe I should just give it a try anyway. I've got till Monday to see if the other two responds. Else would sign the current offer in Tuesday and join in on Wednesday. That would make it a solid 1 month of break after resigning from RM :) Needed it I guess..

2 weeks more to  a new year. A new start for me as well...Hoping for a nice and smooth 2011. 2010 was a good one as well despite all that might have happened.

Might write more tomorrow, off to watch tv now...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enjoying the Last Month of 2010!!

Surprisingly, I got  a reply today, after sending the email on Sun. Came as no surprise that is was a plain NO (in a rather sarcastic way :) )
But, I don't feel sad or anything, just glad though that I am finally going to totally move on :)

Sent over the scientific article (though  i'm doubtful of it myself). Got to go for another interview tomorrow, and might just accept it for the mean time as the location is super convenient. Hahaha, back to the same location.

Have been contemplating to go and get some books. Or maybe I should finish reading all those at home first. Enjoying my TV time and the longer sleeping hours. Pounds have been adding up as well (on me of course).

I feel so motivated this week!!! :D

Thursday, I'll be heading out for another interview before joining in a /K/ gathering in IKEA! Will be getting a taste of the new "Lancer" when Fire sends me home.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Summarizing a week of life as a useless person

The week went on as planned, though slightly better than I expected...

By Wednesday, I had  nearly  7 calls for interviews- all for sales :'( and one for Writing!!! Gotta get some materials sent over, sigh. Thursday was spent on 3 interviews, and got offers but then all were practically useless!!!! Went to temple later in the evening with cleo, and she looked at me and laughed. She told me I am just downgrading myself if I am going to join these places. Gosh, I feel so stupid :'(

Friday, I was just laughing at my fate. Guess I am already accepting the fact that I might be jobless and might end up in the same loop. Instead of regretting, laughing at myself seems nicer I guess. Went out with some colleagues or ex-coll :'( for dinner. Had a good time :)....Would have proceeded to the next stop, but arghh too late to catch a taxi home should I have gone.

Saturday- went for another screwed up interview. The guy needs an answer by monday on whether I would like to join them or not...sat the entire day thinking if I should send an email or not.Took me a couple of minutes to draft it out, and haven't sent it till now. No guts, like totally! Or perhaps I am afraid of rejection? It's just a YES or No. If it's a YES- I am the luckiest person and if it's a NO-well just move on. But then...

1 hour to Sunday and I am still contemplating on whether I should send the email or not. Will be meeting Fuza and Cleo in the morning, and three of us would be off to the temple. Then not sure where.

Plans for the following week:-
Monday: Try my luck elsewhere
Tuesday: See if anything comes up...
Wednesday: Sit and cry that it's Dec and I'm ending the year as a loser ???

Time to reminisce 2010, all the good/bad/ups and downs that happened. And time to also make some plans and set some goals for 2011. Just praying for a better something. Life seems so empty right now. I have nothing, nobody,and well I am practically useless now :'(

Getting too emotional right now, time to snooze away and dream something nice and happy instead...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to Square One

Spent my Monday with Hapit, Rathi, Jag...Went to check out the new outlets in SG XD...

As 4 of us sat there, sipping by our drinks(which were all overpriced and lousy), we started talking on Social Network...If only any of us had this extremely great idea that could rake in millions,hmm... Rathi and Hapit then told me, why not start writing a book on all of us :D One chapter on each of us, and we could easily pull off 5 chapters. Sounds good, hahahaha

Anyway, everyone's back to work and Jag is back to Cyber. That leaves me all alone at home once again. Damn I hate myself for putting myself in such a position. I despised staying home all alone and it makes me go crazy. Imagine from morning till night, just my cat, the TV and my computer, up to I dont know when :'(

Why is it no one ever invented a time machine? At least I could reverse back time...

Got a few choices though- just accept any job, even if it's a part time job doing roadshows, promoters or whatsoever? Or back to call centers aka customer service? Been there, done that all, and  moved on to other things only to end there back? Not sure if it's a good idea, but at least I'll have something to do.

The fear of being all alone for God knows how many hours, without having anything to do

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A man's errors are his portals of discovery~James Joyce

Well MISTAKES - :D   It happens and it's unavoidable. Nobody is perfect and sometimes we  make wrong judgement in life. I made one, though this changed a lot of things. Made me penniless, direction-less and well totally empty :)

And yes I am still smiling...

Went to FV on Thursday to get all the paperworks done with.   Was asked to sign the contract there and then. I read through and signed it (was perhaps possessed when I signed it).  Then the lady starts telling about the benefits and all. And how I felt I was so dumb to get into there. Damn. Got myself into a 2 year "slave contract". Not allowed to leave or whatever within that period and if i am fired, I have to compensate them back? Cool!

Dec 2010- Nov 2012

Left with all the other stuffs to be done-med check up and all. Went home, sat down and talked with a few people-all who said I should get myself out of the contract before the commencement date. I was so lost- should i leave it, i'm back to square one without anything, or should I accept it- I might be doomed for life. Upto Nov 2012, pheww!

At that time, only regrets was left. But somehow I felt- I was stupid, made stupid moves, but hey at least I learned. Just move on, get out of the contract and start all over again"...

So plans of the week-
Mon -time to go and get the contract cancelled (by telling them some sad stories)...Then try to start looking for other opportunities. Perhaps join cleo and fuz was dinner.
Tuesday and Wednesday - Sit at home and think positively...Watch movies :) And pray for the best
Thursday - Off to temple with cleo...
Friday - thank God that another week is over. Join cleo and fuz for dinner perhaps.
Sat & Sun - Pray for a better week ahead :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changes that happened in split seconds

So yest was holiday, but for me it's a longer one...Still sinking in on the fact I am officially jobless now. 
No point looking back. Went by to collect my things today morning, and then realised what a freak octopus is. Not a goodbye or good luck, nothing at all. Real freak indeed. 

He made me feel so pissed, just got my things and walked off. Someone then asked me why i resigned and where I am off too, I just gave some fast answers and escaped. Did not wanna cry. 

Sat down and was waiting for fuza and cleo, then bumped into someone. Asked for a reference letter and said goodbye. Have some plans later with Cleo and trying to make more plans to keep me away from home. If I am at home, all I'll end up doing is regretting and thinking too much.

Then got the call from the school as well. Was asked to come in and sign my contract- 2 years, pheww, scary.
And I've got to sign it by 2ml or sat. less than 48 hours to think it over. Heart says otherwise, mind says I have no option, and rationally this might be my only option for now or I'll have to wait up to Jan till all the places start hiring. I might go crazy by then. Need to really go to temple, and try to find inspiration. Life is full of challenges, perhaps I should embrace it with an open mind. 

Then I'll have another 2 weeks before I join in, should I sign the contract, New start. Gosh, 6 months, and I tried picking up so many things on a new industry from zero to somewhere and now back to zero. Kinda sick of it but as I said, life is a challenge in itself.

Telling myself to move on.