Life is like a puzzle...It takes time to find the right pieces and attach them together. It's a long and tedious process but the joy of viewing the completed result makes it all worthy. Hence even if it takes years, never give up on finding the perfect piece that fits in to complete the puzzle of LIFE.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Why is the timing so wrong????

I feel like banging my head somewhere now!

Tomorrow is the day for me to sign the offer with OXBX and now I get a call for something I wanted. Completed the phone interview and they are going to schedule me another interview aka video conferencing this week. And I am due to join XXXX on Wednesday...:'( 

If I reject XXXX, that's the end to it..If I get the job with the other place, then all is well but what if I don't? Another round of job hunting? Hmmm

And I can't leave XXXX once I join in for at least 6 months or I'll have to pay a penalty. 

To add to my misery, I have got eye infection! I look like my cat now, with one eye smaller than the other. Even eye makeup won't conceal it and the crappy ointment ain't helping either.

To add on further to my MISERIES, someone seems not bothered to reply to any of my messages :'( It's so demoralizing.

Okay, I need to pop in some pain killers to get the headache off my brains...

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